Data Integration and Movement

Activate the potential of your data by collecting all the data you need, wherever it resides, and putting it in motion

Often overlooked in discussions about business outcomes and advanced applications of machine learning, DataOps - or the ability to collect, cleanse, format and transport data - is the key prerequisite to unlocking value from data. Data integration and movement may seem like “just plumbing”, but this is where it all starts. delivers unmatched value in helping customers break down data silos, incorporate data from a diversity of streaming and at-rest sources, and move that data close to where it needs to be processed: from the edge to the core datacenter to the cloud.

Whether you are looking to streamline a manual data collection process from weeks down to seconds, or stream billions of events across multiple geographic sites in near-real-time, can provide you with an elegant and scalable solution at an affordable price point.

Sample Use Cases