Actionable reports and actionable insights leading to improved customer experience, improved profit, reduced churn and reduced costs

There are many compelling reasons to put all your data in one location and avoid data silos. Cardinality can propel your big data journey or improve your existing solution. Even if you have data silos, the platform can sit on top to maximise your current investment.

Customer Experience Management

Measure subscribers’ experience within the network to better focus on their needs

Achieve focus by tracking their experience at every touchpoint and act on the analysis. Understand the impact of different touchpoints on each subscriber’s experience and prioritise actions to improve their experience.

Customer Experience Management automatically collects and analyses network, service and business data as well as customer feedback. It delivers insights with full access to customer analytics, reporting and integration with existing CRM software. We go beyond the usual metrics to deliver customised KPIs and visualisations across your organisation. Current payloads in our tier 1 network customers exceed 40 bn events per day.

Providing great customer experiences reduces churn and creates loyal brand advocates, willing to recommend the network and speak positively about the brand.

Cell Experience

Stay one step ahead of network problems with total visibility into devices and traffic patterns

When subscribers complain about service quality - losing 4G signal, poor streaming or slow downloads – an operator needs to find out whether the cause is their equipment, their activity or local network conditions.

Stay a step ahead of network problems with total visibility into your network’s health and traffic patterns, even if they are caused by rogue subscriber equipment. Reduce the cost and amount of downtime by spotting and solving network issues fast. Cardinality’s automated Cell Experience empowers you to drill down in every network location, from cell level to sectors to individual subscribers, and respond proactively.

The Cell Experience solution provides real-time system and application monitoring. It will continuously monitor the network, combining and comparing events in the control plane and user plane, providing single-click drill-down to details, and graphical dashboards showing where to concentrate your resources.

Service Management

Ensure your subscribers get the services they want

Cardinality’s Service Management solution manages the full lifecycle of subscriber services and service events on the network. This includes subscriber subscription services such as internet access, VoIP, IPT and billing.

Using a wide range of protocols and data sources to collect and enrich subscriber data, you can learn about your customers and be empowered to make informed decisions. You will know when to deploy features such as prepaid and on-demand services, based on real trends, including subscriber profiles, preferences and location.

Cardinality’s Perception platform will scale to meet your needs, allowing your network to grow and expand as subscriber demand increases. We guarantee high availability through service redundancy across in-house and in-cloud processing.

Service Assurance

Ensure your network runs smoothly, make your subscribers happy

Maintaining class-leading service quality is key to retaining subscribers. Poor quality of service is the leading contributor to churn. We have helped operators to reduce churn by up to 2%.

Cardinality’s Service Assurance ensures your network services provide optimal subscriber experiences, allowing you to pinpoint and resolve service degradation as it happens, helping you to minimise downtime and maintain a consistent level of service quality.

As operators evolve from 2G/3G to 5G, Cardinality can meet increasing data capacity demands while supporting optimisation and analytics for third-party applications, thus driving new revenue streams.

SOC - Service Operations Centre

Truly understand service from a subscriber’s experience

Make network decisions based on subscribers’ priorities. Monitor their experience of key services such as streaming, key apps, VoIP and voice. Include focused key metrics such as web browsing, video quality, international and emergency calls. Use the Service Operations Centre to detect problems as soon as performance starts to degrade, and before your subscribers notice or your traditional monitoring system alarms are triggered.

Manage subscribers’ experiences by understanding a wide range of information. Using data gathered from point of sale right through to network probe data, build a complete picture of a subscriber’s experience.

Find out what subscribers think of every aspect of your network, from advertisements to services, and how they rate it against other networks. Use algorithm-based sentiment analysis and text analysis to target improvements in your products, subscriber care and marketing.

Fraud & Security

Telecoms fraud costs networks billions every year - you can’t afford to ignore it

Proactive data monitoring and analysis is one of the most effective tools for anti-fraud control, helping to reduce fraud losses and terminate fraud schemes. Cardinality’s powerful ETL engine enables you to retrieve data from multiple sources in multiple formats, transform and enrich it, and store all of it in a common format ready for analysis. We provide this in real-time and near real-time.

Fraud happens when telecoms products or services are used to illegally acquire money from a communication service provider or its customers.

Cardinality’s data analytics and data mining can reveal patterns that turn the data into meaningful information. Advanced analytical techniques classify, cluster and segment data to find associations and rules that indicate anomalies and unusual features. Combining this with sophisticated visualisations will reveal trends that help to identify fraudulent activity.

Operational Intelligence

Proactively address network problems

Operational Intelligence provides visibility of emerging network issues before your static alarms and subscribers tell you about them.

Use Operational Intelligence to monitor the network’s efficiency and any abnormal behaviour. Collect and analyse data in real time from core to cell level, right down to individual handsets. Identify unusual patterns of activity on the network and deal with threats and anomalies as they arise.

Operational Intelligence delivers analytical insights into data, event streaming and system operations so that network operators can make timely decisions and act on them, through manual or automated actions.

Operational Intelligence combines real-time monitoring of network activity and events with sophisticated data analytics tools and dashboards. By correlating data from multiple sources, it enables you to investigate all the data at the same time and make effective network decisions.

Churn Reduction

Dissatisfied subscribers leave networks

Satisfied subscribers enjoy the network’s services and use them frequently. Get to know every subscriber’s experience and how they use the network — from acquisition through offers and usage, even to disconnect. Reveal the customer’s profile and entire decision journey by linking and aggregating data sets from call history, web logs and buying history.

Retaining existing subscribers costs a network much less than acquiring new ones. Our customers say that we have helped to reduce churn by up to 2% in recent years.

Using Cardinality’s data analytics, an operator can identify the subscribers who are most likely to leave – the ones with low activity, who only engage with parts of the network, who reply negatively (or don’t reply) to surveys, who are slow paying bills. That knowledge can be used to target these subscribers with messages, suggestions and promotions that will re-ignite their interest in the network.

Device/Terminal Intelligence

Understand your network at device level

Understand how devices operate on your network to ensure all business areas are operating optimally, maximising revenue and subscriber satisfaction.

Using the TAC identifier in each mobile device’s IMEI code, Device Intelligence accesses information including operating system, browser, multimedia capabilities, screen size and more. An operator can target devices due for an upgrade and focus on subscribers who push the boundaries of today’s apps and services.

Detailed, accurate information enables the operator to apply a range of powerful analytics and KPIs with considerable value for end-users. It helps service desks and subscribers to troubleshoot issues according to devices’ unique features, reducing churn and improving customer retention.

Marketing Insights

Engage intelligently with your subscribers

The best market insights offer value for both the network provider and their subscribers. They meet the true needs of the target audience while also profiting the provider.

Data and analytics are essential strategic tools for connecting with subscribers. Perception’s analytics provide relevant, actionable subscriber information, empowering network providers to shape, drive and implement marketing strategy. Improving end-to-end user experience and creating overall subscriber happiness helps reduce churn and drive promotion plans.

The ability to drill down through the mass of subscriber data to reach the ‘segment of one’ enables you to focus and justify plans, personalise your approach and target specific subscriber segments.

Radio Optimisation

Troubleshoot your network, manage its capacity, optimise its performance

Radio Optimisation ensures optimal network performance. It enables you to improve the network’s coverage area and signal quality by fine-tuning both the hard and soft parameters of base transceiver stations.

Radio Optimisation’s Machine Learning algorithms check for traffic patterns that need further analysis, such as identifying potential future congestion where additional capacity is needed. Radio Optimisation allows you to automate actions - integrating with network devices, Network Element Systems or OSS tools.

Perception’s dashboards come ready configured with KPIs to help you modify vendors’ recommended performance parameters (such as Cell Reselect Offset, Mechanical Tilt, Azimuth) and provide recommendations/actions for optimising the overall network and selecting the best sites for small cells.

Device Analytics

From marketing opportunities to network resource optimisation

Device Analytics helps you to optimise your network by providing accurate information about the types of devices using the network, and the services they access.

Track the distribution of operating systems within the network. Identify the adverse effect of system upgrades on individual devices or cells before they affect multiple devices or the whole network.

Understand who has 4G but doesn’t use it, which devices are consuming resources wastefully and who is roaming. Identify ‘rogue’ mobile devices that affect network performance, capacity or user experience, e.g. ‘GCF’ non-compliant devices.

Monitor both the Control Plane and the User Plane. Identify users who are not getting the best out of the network and make offers based on what their devices are doing. Offer upgrades, such as new handsets or higher data allowances, and improve their network experience.